How to Write a Football CV


How To Write A Killer Football CV : What You Need To Know (Including Template)

In this post we’re going to talk you through how to create yourself a killer football CV.

Just like any other job, when applying for a position in a squad you need to be able to summarise your achievements and demonstrate why you should be picked above everyone else. One way to do this is by creating your own football CV. 

Before we go any further, make sure you check out this football cv template we created for you to download and use HERE.

First, let’s break down the key sections to include in your football CV.

  1. Personal Bio

  2. Player Profile

  3. Vital Stats & Key Skills

  4. Playing Experience

  5. Achievements

  6. Links to highlights

  7. References

So, let’s dive into the detail of what each section means.

1. Personal Bio

As the title suggests, in this section you need to include all of your personal information. Coaches wont recruit just anyone, they will want to know how old you are, what position(s) you’re comfortable playing in (don’t list too many here, really think about where you’re at your strongest). They may also need to consider what nationality you are depending on the visa stipulations of the league. So this section should include;

  • Name
  • Contact number
  • Email address
  • Nationality
  • D.O.B (Date of birth)
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Preferred Position
  • Other positions
  • Preferred foot

 2. Player Profile

In this area you should try to capture the coaches attention by telling them what you can bring to their team and why they should recruit you as a player. Talk about your experience and give them a reason to read on. 

Maybe you’ve represented your country at a youth level, have professional training experience or represented your state or county.

You can also talk to your strengths. Let the coach know what they are getting if they sign you. Are you strong in 1v1 situations, do you dominate in the air or maybe you’re a tireless midfielder.

3. Vital Stats & Key Skills

 This section is where you start to give hard proof of what you’re claiming. 
So, you’ve mentioned you a speedy winger, put your 20m sprint time here, did you say you were a box to box midfielder? Put your bleep test score etc…
Ideas on what you can include are;
  • Vertical jump.
  • Average distance covered in a game.
  • 20m sprint speed.
  • Pro-agility test score.
  • Strong leadership – e.g. Captained 1st team for 4 years.

 4. Playing Experience

In this section of your football CV you get to finally detail your career history. The best way to lay this out is in a table. 

You’ll want to include;

  • Year
  • Club
  • League
  • Country
  • Appearances
  • Goals
  • Assists

5. Achievements

This part of your football CV is where you can shout about any awards and achievements you have received.

Have you been selected in a team of the season? Did you finish top scorer of the league? Did you win player of the season? 

Anything that adds weight to your claim of being the right player for the their squad should be included here.

6. Links to highlights

It’s important to keep in mind that from a coaches point of view anyone can write a killer CV. They will want to be able to see you in action as well. So make sure you have some video footage of you playing as well.

Having a highlight reel of your best moments is good for capturing the coaches attention. But once you have their attention and they decide they like what they see, next they’ll want to see you in a full game. This is so they can see how you move off the ball, how you interact with teammates and how you respond to other situations.

Including both a highlight reel and full game can be a great way to impress!

7. References

Finally, as with any CV, you will need to include references so the coach can do their necessary checks and feel comfortable that you are going to fit into their squad.

People you should include here are, previous coaches, managers or agents. Write their full name, position and contact details. 

Don’t forget to speak with your references first and let them know you are including them in your football CV. You want to make sure they are happy to vouch for you.

And that’s it!

Download this checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything when you create your CV.

Find Coaches Today

Having a football CV is essential, but only part of the job. Now that you have created it you need to get to work and put it out in front of coaches.

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